Re: service menual for : tek. 2430

Thomas P. Gootee


Try some of the links to dealers that are posted on my LINKS page, at:

Be warned that some of the dealers sell only COPIES of the manuals
(such as Others, such as AST Global, sell only
originals. There is also a 48,000-manual searchable database of
manuals for sale, at

Also, if you scan the recent posts in this group regarding the
manuals/copyright issue, you may see a few even-better sources (e.g.
Deane Kidd, Stan Griffiths, Ed Matsuda (sp?), et al).

Some people will also just look up the info you need, for you. (I
would. But I don't currently have a 2430 service manual.) You might
want to try posting a specific request, and/or a description of your
scope's symptoms/problems, on the Usenet's
newsgroup. There are lots of ex-Tek employees who lurk there, who are
also usually quite helpful.

BTW, I always use (now owned by Google), to
access the newsgroups. ***** They now have the full 1995-to-present
ARCHIVE of ALL newsgroups' traffic back on line (and are adding prior
years/periods as they acquire them)!! It's truly a GOLDMINE!! *****

Good luck!

Best regards,


email: tomg at (delete spaces and substitute "@" for "at") (Used Test Equipment for sale, et al)

--- In TekScopes@y..., zipi-u@z... wrote:
i have problems with my 2430 scope.
can you help me to get a copy of the service manual.
to begin i need the votages at the crt tube (base&hv).
if you hold a menual can you send ne this data ?
thank you
Avinoam K.

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