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Here's a possibility.
I have a complete RM564 with 3A6 and 3B3 in unknown condition. I got it free 2 years ago except for the cost of gas (I gave my son $15 to drive me). I got it from Doug Hale when I visiting not too far from where he lives. Right now it's another project among many, so you can have it for my cost plus shipping (It's heavy) if you are interested, contact me offline at:

I live near Sacramento, CA,

The 3A6 is the standard 2 channel 10 MHz amp for the 560 series, but it not very useful for audio work. It is single ended and only offers 10mV/div sensitivity. The 3A3 is a beter choice, and closer to the 503 performace. It has 100 uV/div sensitivity with 500 kHz BW, and up to 50,000:1 CMRR. If you added this plug-in to the 3A6, you would have a decent scope that could cover both audio and general measuremnets up to the 10 MHz BW limit supported by 560 series.

I believe the bistabe storage tubes have a two layer phosphor (not totally sure on that), but I do know that the spot size on the 564 is not as small as the 503 with its standard P2 phosphor.

- Steve

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