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Leo Schleider <rp11156@...>

for the power cords I bought a bunch of adaptors at
OEM parts in Colorado Springs. The adapter fits on
one side into the connector at the scope and on the
other side into a regular power cord.

All I could find was the old adress. They moved within
the town. So the old adress/phone number might help you
to figure out the current adress.

OEM Parts, Inc.
3025 North Hancock Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80907-8724
Tel: 719.635.4466 � Fax: 719.475.2249


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Gesendet: Sonntag, 18. April 2004 22:07
Betreff: [TekScopes] Need help with 561A

I recently bought a couple of 561A's, primarily for the plugins and
to have a good supply of spare parts for my existing 561A. While the
plugins seem to work, neither of the "new" scopes work properly, and
I was wondering if someone might know by the symptoms what the
problem might be.

Both of them produce a rather loud ticking noise which coincides with
a flashing effect in the 6AS7 and the OG3 tubes. Both 6AS7's also
glow a fairly bright violet color and I'm not sure if that is
normal. On one of the scopes, when the flashover occurs and I have
the calibrator hooked up to the input, I get a blur of random traces
on the screen.

I had noticed before that my "good" 561A sometimes would tick like
this, but hadn't traced it to the source.

Is this an indication of power supply problems? I suspect filter
caps simply because of their age, but not sure if this is it. I
haven't bought a schematic yet, so it's difficult for me to do much
analysis at this point. I was just figuring this might be a pretty
common symptom and someone might be able to tell me some things to

Also, still looking for a source for the power cords. Are these now


Barry - N4BUQ

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