AM700 Operational Help Needed


Calling on owners/users of the AM700 Audio Analyzer . . .


I recently restored to working condition an AM700.  It had leaking caps and some PCB corrosion problems that I fixed.

This box seems to be capable of quite a few nice measurements, but the learning curve on figuring out how to pilot this rig is enormous.

I somehow got the FFT analyzer stopped (the word “disabled” appeared where the bin width usually appears) & I could find absolutely no way to get it going again except to load the factory defaults into the machine.


I still haven’t figured out how to make it do a frequency response sweep or any other rather simple feats.  I have finally figured out the big knob’s expand and move functions on the FFT analyzer screen.  Although I have the user manual and I have even read it, it is some of the worst technical writing I’ve ever come across.  It seems that the person writing the manual may have understood the coding inside the box, but was unfamiliar audio testing.  It is not well indexed.  I couldn’t find, for example, how to “enable” the “disabled” FFT analyzer.


If anyone who is experienced in using this beast would be willing to answer operational questions by telephone when I get stuck, would you kindly email me your contact info?  I think once I figure out where all the quirky hidden menus are, some of which are accessed by hard buttons, some by touch screen and mostly by accident are,  then I might actually be able to use this powerful machine.


I must confess that the Audio Precision System One (which Tek built the AM700 to compete with) is much more intuitive and easy to pilot, but I don’t have one of those and I do have the AM700.


I have a hardware related question on the AM700, but I will post that in a separate email.




Steve Hogan



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