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You seem to start with premise that a spray can is a highest class of
hazardous article, severely restricted in shipping, no matter what it is. I
am sure that if you walk up to counter at your local post office an ignorant
clerk might tell you 'no, it can not be shipped', because he thinks it is
better 'to be safe than sorry'. However, if you look at the postal
regulation at
<> page 125, you will see
aerosols listed as restricted to ground shipment, whether they are flammable
or not (one is class 2A other 2B); on the same web site, page 195 lists
paints and also shows ground transport as a way to ship. To boot it, Post
Office requires that aerosols are labeled as 'Consumer Goods'. For spray
cans propellant is most likely a determining factor (flammable or not) and
if you have doubts, that same web site gives you way to get a ruling on what
is acceptable. Where I work we get all sorts of spray can packaged things,
from benign to nasty flammables and you can trust me, no one from here trots
to manufacturer's plant to take delivery, neither we pay $22 Hazardous Fee
nor $75 for Hazardous Material Packaging. I would say that this exorbitant
fees are paid when you sheep explosives; this things have to be shipped,

It appears that DOT's concern is mostly with what gets into air transport
and post office takes parcel post (non-first class, non-priority) as ground


Miroslav Pokorni

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> Keep up the stimulating debate in amongst important
things like
> finding sources for Tektronix paint. (yes, the distinctive
colour is
> probably capable of being the subject of copyright!)
> Regards Richard Jones

Well, I've got the paint in spray cans . . . both the latest
Tek Blue and an
earlier Tek Gray that was on the really early scopes but I
have yet to figure
out a both legal and economic way to ship it . . .

Asking other people how they do it usually results in
finding out they simply
do it illegally . . . not terribly unlike copying manuals .
. .

I HAVE found a company that can ship it for me. The cost
breakdown goes like

Paint per can = $15.00
UPS shipping fee = $6.00 (approx)
UPS Hazardous Material Handling fee = $22.00
Packaging fee = $75.00
Total = $118.00

for ONE can.

The reason the packaging fee is so much is that the person
doing the packing
has to be "certified". To get certified you have to take a
training course
in packing hazardous materials that takes 3 days and costs
$500 in tuition
and fees.

The penalty for ignoring all of these requirements is in the
range of a
$10,000 fine if you get caught.

This is what my research has turned up so far . . .


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