Re: copyrights & CDROMs

Ashton Brown <ashtonb@...>

Having used Tek products since '56, known Paul Magnusson for a bunch of
those years - I concur exactly with Phil's observation (and deductions
of the hints we have been given + probable results of NOT heeding them).

Let this cocker spaniel doze indefinitely. Logic has little to do with
Bizness-2001: ask self how many continue to pay the Microsoft tax,
despite all we now know? Then ask what anyone cares about those who
appreciate 'Art' and want to preserve it (!)

(Nor can I yet fathom paying >$20K for an instrument with throw-away sm
boards, expected to be "written off" in 5 years and unserviceable in 6+.
They are nuts or I am.)


"Phil (VA3UX)" wrote:

I'd be very careful about starting a campaign with Tek about the vintage
manual situation. I suggest we "let sleeping dogs lie". We've already been
given a preview of the answer such a request is likely to bring : one
retired employee has never received permission and another retired employee
was purportedly told " don't ask questions that you won't like the answers
to". That last statement - if it's true an accurate - has the answer we're
all looking for anyway but it's cleverly cloaked.

A petition is likely to attract the kind of attention that will have the
effect opposite to the intended goal. In today's high tech paranoia-driven
organizations, I can easily conceive a Vice President of Historical
Relations and Vintage Affairs looking at this and thinking, " my gawd !
There's 200 names on this letter. This must just be the tip of the iceburg.
There must really be thousands of potential customers for new products that
are being held captive by our older products. We'll stop this menace right
now. We'll issue a letter informing that we intend to prosecute copyright
infringement to full extent of the law, no matter how old the
product. We'll force them out of the 60's and 70's and into the year
2001". And then where would we be ? Worse-off than we are right now where
little if any attention is being paid to the miniscule market for copied
old manuals.

My advice : drop the issue and carry on as we have been.


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