Many Thanks Fred

Christian <christianfletcher@...>

Dear Fred

Thanks to you and the other members for the good advice. No need to
worry I have not been offended by the comments and am glad of the
correction. I have also corrected the spelling on the web site.

I have never used a Tek scope before. They were always out of my
price range when I was younger. So I had to make do with a
telequipment. I have a 100Mhz Hewlet Packard 1740A and one of the
new Fluke Digital combi scopes. I really don't like the Fluke
digital scope its for ever trying to be helpful by changing ranges,
but usually gets it wrong.

I am looking for all valve scope next. Since I am doing a lot of
work with high voltage power supplies and believe that valve
technology it a bit more tolerant than the modern stuff. I was
reading about the comments on lethality of high voltage. I used to
work on laser scanning systems but now in the rail industry. I often
worked on 15Kv and 450 Volts Dc. Don't get much chance of the MCB
tripping either since its rated a 44k Amp.

Best regards Christian.

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