Advice wanted first time servicing a scope Techronics 549

Christian <christianfletcher@...>

Dear Friends

I have a small collection of test equipment and recently been
donated a Techtronics 549 storage oscilloscope. The unit has had
little use but many years of storage makes me think a tune up is in
order. Can anybody please help me with service manual and operating
instruction. The display screen makes a very good alternative to a
lava lamp but not so good for storage of a waveform.

So far I have done a few essential safety test and powered up the
scope. The circuit boards have many small neon tubes on them. Are
these being used as some kind of voltage regulator I have not seen
this before ?

My knowledge of scopes really only extends to using them, any advice
for cleaning up the scope and servicing it and any known bugs with
this scope.

The unit also has the fan guard missing off the back and a broken
selector switch. Can anybody help me with spares. I have some
pictures of the scope and my other items. Please visit my site and
look at the museum and bench view pages.

Best regards Christian Fletcher.

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