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A friend of mine is afraid to work on a three gun projector, which coincidentally has the same anode voltage as the 7704, 7904, etc, 24 KV.
Well he should be cautious. Isn't the point here that it isn't just the static charge on the scope we are talking about but the capability of the PSU to deliver as no matter how small the energy charge that the tube will hold I'll bet you a pound to a penny that the PSU has more than enough oomph to kill you.

I don't blame him. It scares me too. To the point that I have a number of separate meters to dangle round stuff before I power it up (when it is very high volts) so I don't have to dab round any more than necessary. Paranoia I know but there's only one of me and components are easily replaced.


It is my understanding that this voltage is not lethal, primarily because the CRT is too small to store a lethal charge.

Elsewhere, I have read that the lethal threshold, at least as far as TV tubes are concerned, is around 32 inches.

Comments? Any reassuring words for my friend?

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