Re: Oscilloscopes 101 - eBay

Craig Sawyers <c.sawyers@...>

-- whereas
one of their last new kits created, the Model IG-4244: beats out Tek's
and HP's expensive spread, while also providing a clean typ. 700 pSec Tr
into 50 ohms. Not a 284, but plenty fine for sum-squares verification
to 350 MHz.
My favourite is the Tek 111 pretrigger pulse generator. This is an
avalanche pulser, and gives a really clean 400ps rise time. Since it has an
adjustable delay between a pretrigger pulse and the main output you can kick
a timebase into action well in advance of the main event. This is OK for
testing things using a 7T11/7S11/S1 set up with 1GHz bandwidth (using sum of
squares). Or (and I haven't tried this) use the 400ps edge to trigger a
tunnel diode pulser to generate a really fast event, but with an adjustable


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