4xx Portable Feet Repros Available

Howard Matthews

OK folks,

I think I have the process in pretty good control. I am willing to
cast some replacement feet for 453, 454, -A, 464, and I think they
also fit the 465, 475, 485 series of scopes. (These are the bottom
feet, not the rear feet!)

I cannot do a lot. I can cast and cure one set of 4 feet per day,
if I'm not distracted by something else. I'm not doing this for any
profit, just to help some of you fellow Tek junkies. And to recoup
some of my $75 investment in casting chems.

To see what the recast feet look like, please see:


These are pretty close reproductions of Tek part 348-0080-00 or -
01. The original models are unused NOS that Stan provided. The
rubber is a little softer than the originals, and quite a bit
blacker. A quick abrasion test with 200 grit sandpaper indicates
they are about as abrasion resistant as the originals. They are
more suseptable to cuts, though. Very, very usable, but not 100%
authentic. Replace the entire set of 4 if you want to resell the
scope, due to the noticable color difference.

The deal would be - $6.00 (that is $5.00 and about $1.00 S&H) plus a
set of nuts (alloy inserts) that I can use for the next set of 4
feet. I would also consider 2 sets of the nuts plus $1.00 S&H for
one set of repros.

If anyone is interested, please contact me here first.

Good scoping,

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