Re: Oscilloscopes 101 - eBay

Ashton Brown <ashton@...>

Have seen some unbuilt Heathkits (scopes and other pretty trivial gadgets) go for astronomical prices, though I'm not not looking often now. Ego-bid war between two will do it: $900 IIRC, and several >500.

People will also pay lots for Heath's earlier (green case) calibrator, with not very impressive specs; unuseable for fast Tr check. -- whereas one of their last new kits created, the Model IG-4244: beats out Tek's and HP's expensive spread, while also providing a clean typ. 700 pSec Tr into 50 ohms. Not a 284, but plenty fine for sum-squares verification to 350 MHz. These have occasionally shown up and slipped through the cracks - I bought a spare for my hand-assembled one for ~$50.

'Course too, *cough* one of those Warz got me ~$420 for a Tek 453! (admittedly pristine, calibrated, photographed Tr.) in about '00 or '01.

Call it Psych 101A?



Tony Denning wrote:

It pays to research...must be someone new to the hobby. This is probably the highest bid I've ever seen on a older service grade EICO 460 scope (C$230!) and no guarantee it even works. Could have any number of nice Tek models for this price. Anyway, the seller must be happy...


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