Re: Bias batteries in 7S14


With all the talk of TEK samplers and the mention of the 7S14, I wonder what are we 7S14 owners to do these days when it comes to replacing the bias batteries in the 7S14? I gather that the merc oxide batteries originally spec'ed are no longer available. Is the 1.35V merc oxide batt voltage that strict a spec in the 7S14?
The only kind of mercury cells I can find can be seen at

I have ordered cells from here before for my older Rollei SLR light meter. The cells I received appeared to be of Mexican origin.

These appear to be available for a short time. Perhaps an button cell adapter is in order.

The loss of mercury cells has caused an impact on both the older camera and the Bulova Accutron wristwatch collector community (the watches use #343 or #387 cells, which have been unobtainable for several years now). I will spare the list from listening to a rant about environmentalists ;). Your tax dollars at work.

I refurbished an old Simco electrostatic voltmeter that used mercury cells for both a reference and a differential opamp supply. I ended up making some postage stamp PCBs incorporating some Linear Technology micropower regulators that allowed me to generate the needed voltages from alkaline cells.


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