Re: copyrights & CDROMs

Don Black <jeans@...>

Hi David,
Can you please post the URL of the ARmy web site with the manuals.
I'd be interested in seeing what they look like and how they compare to the
original Tek manuals. Is there a cross reference to from the army to Tek numbers ?

Thanks, Don Black. wrote:

PS . . . . . I have to confess that I have made a copy of a page or two for
some desparate Tek equipment owners in the past myself. One guy now offers a
CD ROM with 46 complete manuals on it, which I consider orders of magnitude
worse than anything like this that I have seen in the past.
The manuals on that CDROM are *not* OEM Tek or HP manuals. They are US
Army manuals that are publically available on an Army web site. I'm
looking at one now (TM 11-6625-2759-14, aka Tek 7L5 service manual) and it
says "This manual contains copywrite [sic] material reproduced by
permission of the Tektronix Company." If Tektronix objects to reproduction
of this manual, it's really up to them to complain to the Army. The guy
selling the CDROM is not at fault.

For what it's worth, my opinion on the copyright issue is that the test
equipment companies are happy with the current ambiguous situation and
don't have any reason to clarify it. They also don't have an incentive
to sue people for copyright violation since the legal expenses would far
exceed any possible damages they could collect. Therefore, I predict the
current situation will continue.

In support of this, I have noticed that even the largest test equipment
dealers often supply photocopied manuals with the used equipment they sell.
Two examples are Electro Rent and Tucker (Tucker also sells photocopied
service manuals). This doesn't really prove anything, but since they are
franchised dealers for new equipment from HP and Tek, it supports the idea
that those companies must not be bothered too much by the practice.

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