Re: Tek 11301/302/A Scopes

Stan or Patricia Griffiths <w7ni@...>

If you bought that 7K extender on eBay, I think you should file a complaint
against the seller for misrepresenting the item he was selling. Ebay does
not like that very much and will kick him off it it happens a couple more
times. I don't like it either and I take great pains to try to describe
everything I sell including details of anything minor that is missing or not
quite right . . . I also try to photograph the WORST side . . . or both

Stan wrote:

Dear Listmembers!

I am interested if anyone knows if the vertical plugins like
7A19,7A24,... work also in the 11302(A) Scopes
(The calibration plugin does so)
and what disadvantages this would have except that they are not

I am also searching the female 7k scopes plugin connector.
(I purchased a 7k rugged plugin extender which is missing the white
cover plastic strip and four contacts, but the photograph was taken
from the other side so the ..... was not visible to me)

Thank You very much

Michael B. Haubmann

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