Re: Tek 2467B

Bert Haskins

On 09/08/2011 08:09 PM, DaveC wrote:

Maybe use a socket adapter (don't most programmers require at least
one?) and re-route the WE line so it can be disabled PHYSICALLY.
Avoids the whole proto board mess...

Adapters are available all over e-Pain...

Dave (the other)


>Thats why when in doubt about addressing the device, wire up a bread
>board with all the data, address and control lines as per
>specification. I know it can be complicated but all this stuff can
>get that way at times.
>The write enable line should never be allowed to do anything while
>working with such a rare programmed device such as in the 2467

Get a machined-pin socket.
Push out the WE pin with a unwrap tool.
Bend chip pin out slightly.
Put chip in socket.
Push the pin back on to the chip.
Tack solder the pin to VCC or GND as needed.
Put the socket into the programmer and go for it.
I have done many variations on this when I could not match the part
to any of my programmers.

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