Re: 1240 advice 2

Kevin Wood G7BCS

Regarding the probes, they can be tricky to find but it may be possible to
build something useable.

Do you have the PODs or are you missing them too? 9probes plug into PODs,
which, in turn, plug into the right hand side of the 1240.

IIRC, all they really do is compare the input to the configured threshold
and covert the signal to a differential ECL pair which drives the
acquisition board in the 1240. It would probably be possible to build
something here too, especially if you were only interested in one logic
family rather than configurable thresholds.

Just thought of another question. What are the rom packs used for
specifically, and do I have to have one?
Mostly to give it a personality to disassemble code running on specific
CPUs but other functions are available too. You don't need a ROM pack to
use the basic functions of the unit - they extend the functionality.


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