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You really don't need to program them if you have a calibration generator. I often have 2440's come in with dead chips, and cal constants gone. A full cal and all is well.

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I have been reading through their forums. There are lots of devices
not listed in the support device list but 32k x 8 JEDEC SRAMs and
comparable NVRAMs all use the "DS1230ABY" type in the configuration
file which is easy to update. I do not anticipate any problems and if
there is a power sequencing issue, well, I have a couple of digital
oscilloscopes besides my 2440 to track it down and fix. :)

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>Don't see the STK16C88 on the supported device list and it always makes me
>nervous to read or program a chip using 'other device' settings.
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>$1000 is a little outside my budget since I paid less for the 2440. I
>am thinking this one:
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>>Beeprog made by Elnec.

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