Re: 576 curve trace scope problem

Bob Koller <testtech@...>

I would refurb the B3xxxx s/n, and use the other for parts. No debate in my opinion. As  David said, check the power supplies for ripple and regulation. Don't forget to check the bypass cap on the HV module.

From: Pat Hickman
To: "TekScopes@..."
Sent: Monday, August 1, 2011 8:45 PM
Subject: Re: [TekScopes] 576 curve trace scope problem

Thanks, yes sir "brown potted" HV transformer.. Here is what I have to end up with I have a later 576 sn # around 30K, This unit with the HV problem early 12K sn number.
My later unit had an issue when I purchased it, for one had a missing numeric digital display card. (Came this way from Tek) special order. So I purchased this second unit for the display card that works. I thought I would fire up the early one for giggles and found it worked perfect till I noted this heating problem and the issue we have with the HV transformer.. But let’s go back to my later SN number unit. It has what is some type of issue with the trace "trace is strange giving it horizontal collector supply voltage the line “trace” spreads but is fuzzy and ill defined. Setting the unit for lower left dot location and trying to get the beam dot focused its soft and will not focus really very sharp.. So this unit has a problem too.. I'm torn do I take parts off the later nicer one ? and swap to the early one or pull cards and needed boards and swap to the newer unit?

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