What's this Tek item?

Thomas P. Gootee

Hi, all. I just purchased a "Tektronix Multiplexer Control Unit",
for the huge sum of $2.25. (I guess no one else was paying
attention, at the time! (Ebay, last night!))

It includes 23 individual S-1 Sampling Heads plugins, which I think I
am somewhat familiar with.

But, it also includes 32 individual "S-3260/Mod 20 Compensator"
plugins. I have NO IDEA what these are, and can't seem to find ANY
information with web searches.

I am hoping to help finance my Tek scope lust, with this windfall. I
know the sampling heads are worth a little something. But I haven't
a clue as to the usefulness of the compensators...

Does anyone know what these are good for? (First good answer gets a
free Compensator plugin, post-paid...!)


Tom Gootee

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