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Hi Bill,

You asked what "Mod 210H" means for a 453. My research shows this to be the
"IBM Mod". The only other data I have is "P6010". If you look at the front
panel, the 453 probably has something like "Property of IBM" etched into it
by Tek. That may be the only thing special about it. The "P6010" is a
little confusing to me since my catalog shows the P6010 to be the standard
probes shipped with the 453 anyway . . .


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I found two 453 scopes here locally(Chicago). Both
are in excellent condition, complete with two probes
each and work well. They also had the covers!! I
bought one for me and one for a friend of mine.
$50.00 each and a two hour round trip drive to pick
them up. The one I kept is serial number 25900(also
has Mod 210H on it) and the one I gave to my friend
serial number was in the 31000 range. What does the
Mod 210H mean?

He also has a bunch of parts 453 scopes I am going to

Thank You,

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