Re: Any way to clean...?

Jeff W <vwthingy@...>

Miroslav Pokorni wrote:
Your experience with Electrolube would be of great interest, I
daresay, for
group as a whole. In particular, over long term, say six months or

My experience with those 'miracle lubricants' has been that they
are snake
oil and that includes Caig Lab.
I generally have not used DeOxit on front panel pots; only trimmers.
It seems to work OK, and for a long time on trimmers. I had a noisy
trimmer in the attenuator of a 2235 scope that I sprayed with DeOxit
a year ago. I just went out to the lab (fancy name for the garage) ;
I opened up the scope and varied the trimmer and it works fine.

For panel pots, I take them apart and clean them. Denis Cobley
recommended the Electrolube contact oil to the group back in May, but
since I bought a couple tubes, (From Echelon here in SoCal) I haven't
used it on any pots yet. Denis also recommended a gizmo that screws
onto the threads and injects the oil into the pot to get around
taking it apart. This won't work on many of the pots that Tek used,
as I find some of them have an O-ring seal around the shaft base.

Next time I take apart a pot I'll report back the findings.....


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