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There Is An Interesting Article Here About Caig Labs And
Cramolin Red Here:


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Miroslav Pokorni wrote:
> My experience with those 'miracle lubricants' has been that they are snake
> oil and that includes Caig Lab. I tried their DeoxIT with very indifferent
> results,

Since the original question regarded pots I would remind all that DeoxIT
is intended for connector, switch, and relay contacts. Caig's
recommended product for carbon and conductive plastic pots is CaiLube MCL.

While I too have had mixed results with Caig's current products, they do
work fairly well in their intended applications. Overhyped and
overpriced though, and products from Chemtronics and others work darn
near as well.

It seems though that 'everyone' has forgotten about the original
product, Cramolin, from the original Caig Labs in New York. Cramolin
'red' was a thin liquid cleaner/preservative, Cramolin Special (green)
was just a preservative for new or clean contacts, and Cramolin Paste
was for high voltage / high current use. There was also a Paste-G which
was graphite-filled. I think that they had a mineral oil base.

The stuff had an odd smell, and the 'red' turned colors when it attacked
oxides, but it really worked quite well. Or works, I should say, as I
still have some and have used it regularly for 35+ years. It is
intended to be applied in a very thin film, near molecular, and so a
little goes a long way.

As I recall it, not well, the products were produced by the original
Caig under license or some other sort of proprietary agreement and are
no longer available from the present company. A search of their site
will turn up references to them as discontinued products. A source for
something like the original compounds still exists in Germany. The
whole product line is named Cramolin, from ITW Chemische Produkte GmbH.

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