Re: Any way to clean...?

Miroslav Pokorni

Your experience with Electrolube would be of great interest, I daresay, for
group as a whole. In particular, over long term, say six months or longer.

My experience with those 'miracle lubricants' has been that they are snake
oil and that includes Caig Lab. I tried their DeoxIT with very indifferent
results, improvement lasted a week or so and it was back to where I started.
Then, I tried Caig's 'R5 Power Booster', with similar results. You must have
heard of Caig's 'battery challenge', apply R5 to an old flash light and
'watch it come back to life'. I applied it to a new flash light that would
go dim after a while and when you pull batteries out and re-insert them, the
light works fine for a week or so. I tried R5, pulled batteries out, cleaned
all surfaces (batteries and contacts) with R5, few times each, re-assembled
the flash light and in a week I was where I started. After few tries with
R5, I substituted water for R5, with same results. Than I did not use any
'cleaner', just rubbed batteries and contacts with dry cloth and again light
lasted a week or so, so buying DeoxIT or R5 was a waste of money and effort.

I recognize that rubbing surfaces (pots, connectors, switches etc.) need a
lubricant to reduce wear and smooth operation, but those promised miracles
just appear to be snake oils.


Miroslav Pokorni

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Bruce wrote:
Does anyone know of a way to clean the (apparently sealed)
pots on the front panel of a 7000 series?

I have found that the cycling them results in a very temporary fix.
I have become pretty good with taking apart these pots, cleaning
them, and putting them back together. In the past, I used to just
collect the excess grease and recycle it, but I recently picked up a
couple tubes of Electrolube contact oil to try out.


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