Re: Tek475 strangely in heat

Miroslav Pokorni

A possibility to consider is that there were heat sinks on them at one time.
They might have fallen off or someone smart decided that scope works just
fine without those damn things and removed them.


Miroslav Pokorni

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Subject: [TekScopes] Tek475 strangely in heat


I have recently acquired an old Tek475 scope and although it works
great I was tempted to poke my nose in it. There I found something
strange. A pair of double transistors (Q914 and Q938) is literarily
steaming. They are too hot to touch. I have made some preemptive
measurments (compared the voltages in the circuit to those in the
schematics) but it all checks fine. I was wandering if it is their
normal working temperature or they are overheating and are about to

Any comment would be sincerely appreciated!


Josko Flander

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