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Miroslav Pokorni

The 5L4N appears to be 5000 series equivalent of 7L5, with upper frequency
somewhat reduced: frequency range is 20 Hz to 100 kHz, dynamic range 80 dB.
There is a built in tracking generator and asymetrical and symetrical input.

These data is coming from 1995 Tucker's catalog, could not find it in
Tektronix catalogs that I have as hard copies. To indicate demand for those
units, Tucker's asking for 7L5 was $4900 and a $3800 could get you a 5L4N.

As for 'what do you do with 15 pieces', you parcel them out and if you do
not make money on it, shipping companies will.


Miroslav Pokorni

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Hi all,

there's a lot of 15 5L4N spectrum analyzer plugins on ebay at the
moment (item 3071668755). Never heard of those, are they any good?
1000 Euros for 15 of them means less than 70 for each one. How do they
compare to a 7L5? Bargain?

(Now don't ask me what you do with 15 at a time...)


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