Re: 1240 Logic Analyser display problem

Phil Pemberton

On 13/06/11 00:01, Kevin Wood wrote:
I'm thinking the MM5321 is dead, but just wondered if anyone else has been
down this path before, or has any other suggestions?
Have you tried disconnecting the VSYNC pin from the 5321 chip (i.e. remove the chip if it's socketed) and then checking for a short-to-ground, or any output from the (now floating) pin?

Personally, I'd swap the thing for a CPLD or a board-o'-TTL, but that's only because I have copious stocks of both. A couple of TTL counters (HC4040?) and comparators should just about do it.

But that's just me. I'll go for the crazy solution if it saves a trip to Ye Olde Parts Shoppe... :)


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