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The supply impedance might matter. Does the scope have a high-impedance input with a switchable 50 ohm termination?

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I guess it would need to be a clean dc, though. Since I'm working on the only scope that I have, I have no way of knowing how clean it is. Filter caps shouldn't hurt anything.

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With DC, it does not matter.

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Hi Bob,
Thanks for your help.
No I don't think I do have access to a pg506. My scope isn't calibrated right now anyway, so I don't have anything to lose by trying a benchtop power supply. I just need to know how to hook it up. I was thinking about a cable with dual bnc on one end and positive and ground banana plugs on the other end. My concern is the impedence since the manual says to use a 50 ohm cable. Any suggestions?

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Chris, the levels must be quite accurate and stable, or the cal will fail. Can you borrow a Tek PG506 and mainframe?

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I finally got a battery and installed it. I powered up the scope and did a self cal. Now, all the startup diagnostics pass except the cal constants. I looked at the ext cal section of the manual and it said to connect a 50 ohm cable to both channels and a calibration generator. Can I just use a dual output supply with the right cable or cables.

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Tadiran makes a full-size AA 3.6v lithium that approximates the mAh
spec of the original in the 2430a.

After replacing that, Chris, simply follow the self-calibration
on-screen prompts. It asks for (if memory serves) a 5v input voltage
and a couple of other things and you're done.

When I replaced the battery in my 2430a I, too, thought I'd need to
do a full calibration, but it did not. Your scope may indeed be out
of calibration, but you don't need to do this just to get it back
into an "operable" state.

Just replace the battery, follow the on-screen calibration steps and
see what you get then. If you still need to do a full calib., so be
it. But I don't think you will.



Chris, If memory serves, you can use one of the 1/2AA size Tadiran
lithium batteries. Also, it will need a complete calibration, both
Internal and External. This is actually not difficult to do, but you
do need a calibration generator and the service manual. It may
require a couple of passes through the cal procedure. Did this
instrument work correctly before the battery died? Contact me off
list for more info.


Would anyone happen to have the part number for a good replacement
battery for my 2430a. It seems the dead one that I removed is
obsolete. Also, since I'm sure that I've lost data, what is the
cheapest and easiest way of getting that back. Hopefully not
calibration, since that would be way out of my league and/or price
range. Any help for this beginner would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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