Hah! SCORE!!

Bruce Lane

Dang it... I know I'm going to hate myself when the credit card bill shows up, but...

Perusing Boeing Surplus today, I found several 2465's (original model) in clean condition priced at $350 each. Bit high for me, especially since I'm aware of their vertical IC issues, so I didn't get any of them.

HOWEVER -- There was also a 7104 mainframe in extremely clean condition sitting there. The thing looked like it had spent most of its life in a lab or holding area (very possible, given what I know of Boeing's test equipment program).

They only wanted $225 for it, and that's lower than I've seen ANY 7104 frame going for anywhere, so I grabbed it. Haven't had a chance to power it yet, but the last cal dates are '99 and 2001, so it can't be too far gone.

My next task is to locate appropriate main and delaying timebases for it (7B15 and 7B10, if I'm not mistaken). I'll probably do that when I hit the Bay Area later this year for my annual scrounging trip. I've already got some 7A19's and 29's, so I'm good for high-frequency vertical plug-ins.

Any advice or 'gotchas' regarding this model would be appreciated. I already know to treat it delicately because of the microchannel plate CRT -- how 'delicately' does that mean?

Thanks much.

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