Re: New electrolyitc capacitors vs old ones

Howard Matthews

Not to disparage your advice, Bill, which is excellent for restoring
old vacuum tube radios. But... a 454 scope has about 38
electrolytics and a dozen paper caps. Replacing 40 caps "on general
principle" requires an awful lot of dedication. ;-)

I guess we need a more sophisticated way to anticipate future
problems in these old scopes.


--- In, Bill Smith <ko4nrbs@y...> wrote:
The capacitors manufactured today are much better than
the ones manufactured 10, 20 or 30 years ago. The
technological advances made in the materials used to
manufacture the capacitors provide you with an
excellent product. In addition they are usually much
smaller while having the same or higher voltage and
capacity ratings.

Within reason I always replace the electrolyitcs in
any old gear I buy. Especially in the power supply.
This is a good web site that explains the process:

Bill Smith KO4NR

Bill Smith KO4NR

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