two 475 and one 475A scopes

ko4nrbs <ko4nrbs@...>

I found a guy in Chicago, Chris, that had a bunch of Tektronix scopes
for sale. His phone number is 903-732-3892. I bought two 453 scopes
from him Sunday for $50.00 each plus a 2 1/2 hour round trip drive to
get them. He told me over the phone that they were in good conditon,
complete and that they worked. I was surprised to find that both of
them were very clean, had two probes each, both had the hard covers
that goes over the front, and that they both worked as he said they
did. I have had them on for several hours since I got them and they
have had no problems.

He now has one 475A and two 475 scopes for sale. I have not seen
them so I can not comment on their condition. All I can say is that
he was honest with me. If you are near Chicago it may pay to look at

I have no interest in this other than passing along what I found
out. I don't know Chris having only met up with him to get the

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