Re: Those old capacitor

Larry Coleman <bioengaust@...>

I have been sitting on the side line reading and enjoying the
postings on old electro's and your attemps to restore them.

I cound'nt resist any longer but I am not sure what you are trying to
do,From experiance I have developed a restoration proceedure when it
comes to restoring a vintage electronic device.
Step 1 replace all electro's where possible then look for obvious
Step 2 disconect the power suply and check voltages.
Step 3 connect supply with suitable resister and measure current draw
with low amp quick blow fuse.

As evil as the four steps are you can save a lot of heart ache.

Having worked for allied capacitors for a short time I know that
those electro's have a shelf life as the electrolite dries out and
the component becomes unreliable and possibly dangerous. As a person
who has lived through many explosions without shrapnal wounds watch
your eyes chaps,wear safety glasses if your face is close to the
component when powering up.
If you think you can rejuvinate them with any sort of reliability I
doubt if you will have any success,but if you are trying to make them
you are on the right track.
If you replace them with tantalums compare the performance data first.
Remember if a capacitor go's short circuit it can damage other
components worth more than a capacitor.
When the smoke gets out its very hard to put it back in, and IT can
come out with a big bang.

Anyway carry on you are developing some very interesting information
and I will see if I can find some data for you.

Good luck
Larry Coleman

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