Re: 2215

Craig Sawyers <c.sawyers@...>

It is just as
expensive to ship something from Europe/UK over to the States.
It is horribly expensive to send stuff from the UK to the US. Taking a 30lb
package as a for instance, USPS tells me that this is $107 air parcel, and
$66 surface. The same weight by Royal Mail costs the same numbers in UK
pounds - �107 and �72 respectively. IOW it is 84% more expensive to ship
from the UK to the USA as it is in the other direction (on today's exchange


PS just been fighting another capacitor death problem. This time a shorted
tant in a Racal true RMS voltmeter. Took out the +15V reg too and a couple
of resistors. Tant was 47u 16V, on a 15V line. Posts to the list from
Miroslav indicates that this is sailing *very* close to the wind - so I'll
be changing out all dozen or so of these beasts now.

Racal volmeter is very interesting. Goes from 10kHz to 1.5GHz at 1mV full
scale max sensitivity. Does it with a random sampling probe, then analog
computer to calculate rms (squarer, integrator, log, halve then anti-log to
get square root). Accuracy 1% to 500MHz and 5% to 1.5GHz.

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