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aakmoe wrote:

what do you think of 2215 scope.Is it 60Mhz any more information?
How does it compare to 465 series.
The 2215 (& 2213) were Tek's first foray into cheapie scopes. And
they made one, by gosh! They had a horrible power supply that used a
complex triac prereg scheme with current sensing, which didn't work
well & caused a loud 60Hz buzz from the smoothing choke. Tek
realized they screwed up, and released a modification kit that
replaced the prereg with a PWM switcher; a much better scheme. If
you are looking to buy a 2215, make sure it has this kit, or you will
think something is wrong with the scope from the loud buzzing noise
it will make. (the kit is no longer available)

I have a 2215 that I will sell really cheap, as it doesn't have this
kit :)

Yes; they are 60 Mhz bandwidth, but just that. I have worked on two
2215's, and both units barely met it, whereas most other Tek scopes
are rated more conservatively.

The 465 (especially a 465B) is a much better scope. You must keep in
mind that when the 2215 came out in 1982, it sold for $ 1,400, versus
the 465B which sold for $ 2,995 at that time. Bottom line: the 2215
sold for less than half the price of a 465B in 1982, it is less of a
scope then as now performance-wise, and usually sells for less today.

The only good thing about a 2215 is that it is fairly easy to work
on. Also, please keep in mind that the 2215A is better than the
2215; it uses the same mainboard & CRT as the 2235. (I had a 2215A
once and it was a nice little scope)


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