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January 12th, 2004

Albert and all others who care for this issue,

even if one has a complete collection of
microfiche (which would be well above 10,000
microfiche I estimate) he would have to spend
appr. USD 2,000 (0.20 times 10,000) just to
have them digitized.

All this is worthless (or at least the same level
as putting microfiche into a reader) if this whole
action cannot give immediate answers to questions
like (just examples):
What is a 067-0542-99 good for? Where was part
120-0612-01 used and what was the serial number
range? Under which modification falls my 7A24
serial B116058?
etc etc etc

From my point of view such answers can only be
found in reasonable time if the contents of all
microfiche are linked into some kind of data base
or retrieval system.

To build up such a system it would need a big
effort of labour - too much for single a person
with only 24 hours a day to spend on this...

Comments welcome.

Best regards

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Another option which might be worth considering is to have the
scanned onto a CD-ROM. I looked into this a while ago for some
Bell System
Practice manuals, and several service companies estimated prices of
cents per image, depending on quantity, fiche quality, need for
post-scanning image cleanup, etc.


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Our local library has microfiche readers that can read either
fiche sheets
or 35mm filmed images and convert any image to hard copy on
excellent copy
paper similar to what you use in your own laserjet printer. It
costs 10
cents per image to do prints and I sometimes use that service.

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