Re: Darned capacitors again!

Craig Sawyers <c.sawyers@...>

Hi Miroslav

I thought that everywhere where gas is distributed it is colored, and you
just can not miss that smell, it grabs you right by the throut.
That's certainly true - it is the odourless carbon monoxide that gets you if
you screw up, or the roof being blown off ;-)

I will take a lessen from this. In future, whenever I fly I will
check with
you to make sure you are not on the same flight with me.
<grin> I'd better not tell you about the 7A13 that I'm about to put on eBay
that I fixed today (I won't sell stuff I know doesn't work). You guessed
it - two dead electrolytics. One had oozed corrosive goop (presumably
aluminium hexaborate - there's a bit of recent learning) onto the board and
rotted the track clean though, disconnecting the +50V line.

Seems that everything I've fixed in the last 6 months has been electrolytic
death of one sort or another. Forgot in my previous list in this category
was the P6046 power supply wall-wart, which had oozing electrolytics and
rotted track. Only found them before I switched on because I wanted to
change the voltage from 115V to 230V. Interesting phenomenon considering
the whole kit was NOS.


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