Re: Darned capacitors again!

Miroslav Pokorni

Central heating has been pogressively unreliable at chateau Sawyers, until
eventually it wouldn't start at all (yesterday). Now I don't like fooling
with gas heating, simply because I'm not familiar enough with it and don't
have the necessary test gear to make sure I'm not going to gas the family.
I thought that everywhere where gas is distributed it is colored, and you
just can not miss that smell, it grabs you right by the throut.

Well, 10 years old - and there was an open circuit capacitor! Dinky
22uF 63V Philips axial lead beastie. Replaced that, and as a
measure the other two electrolytics on the board, although they measured
Problem fixed.

There is such a reliability grade as 'for consumer products', where price
overrides durability concerns, no matter that those things are cold 'pro
grade' or whatever is current marketing phrase.

So I guess that electrolytic failure isn't restricted to the old gear. In
the past couple of months, to add to the central heating one, I have had 3
shorted tanatalums (in a Tek 620 monitor) and open circuit twistlocks in a
Tek Type 111, a GR 1216A and a GR 1263B.
I will take a lessen from this. In future, whenever I fly I will check with
you to make sure you are not on the same flight with me.


Miroslav Pokorni

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