Re: 2235 with 360 kHz 100mV P-P ringing on +100V PSU rail

Göran Krusell <goran.krusell@...>

Hello guys,

I think Jerry is right. A 100mV ripple on +100V DC is not the problem in this case. In some cases the ripple enters as a common mode signal and this is never a problem. Of course, if you want to do the experiment and insert an LCL-filter you can do that. Such a filter calls for some calculations but first you need to measure the DC current. It is quite possible to build such a filter using some standard components. But my guess is that you will not see any difference at all.

If you have a substantial rippel on a supply voltage (like 10%) then it would show up as a problem but this is not the case here. The problem is somewhere in the amplifier chain I believe...

On the other hand, what tells you that this ripple has the same frequency as the ripple/noise that you see on the CRT...?


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