R3361B Spectrum Analyzer from TEK


Dear members:

I have a R3361B Spectrum Analyzer without any option when I purchase it long time ago.I want to add the options :OPT 04 ------ Occupied bandwidth measurement / adjacent channel leakage power measurement and OPT15 -------Controller feature ( including parallel I/O and serial I/O )
As I know it is phase out and no support from advantest since 2006.

I need some suggestion ,if I taken the OPT04 or OPT15 from other R3261B ( NOT R3361B )? if I can find other unit of R3261B with options on the open market. Any document can let me know ? or some option is software only !
Anyone can help ?
I did try to ask Advantest Japan,but the results are negative, same as other Japanese brand , poor service after sales !even documention for technical support always nothings !

Tony Cheung
MAY 24 2011

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