TDS420 and 460


Does anyone have a copy of the last (or newer) firmware upgrades for the TDS420 and 460? Also looking for a manual on the TDS460, 070-8037-00 Module Level Service Manual. I'm trying to repair the old 460 and get rid of the FP fail and the ACQ fail messages. The built-in square wave generator is not functioning on the front panel, so I'm hoping that is causing the error there. The ACQ seems to be functioning somewhat, as I can use the probes on all of the inputs and they look ok so far. Comparing the 420 against the 460, the 420 has a FW version of 2.5.5e (if I remember right) and the 460 has something like 1.2. The 420 FW Version is a much better interface to operate. I'm going to test the caps and see if I see anything major that jumps out at me.

Thanks a Million !!!

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