Identifying power supply P/N 015-0356-00

Miroslav Pokorni

Could someone, please, tell me what power supply P/N 015-0356-00 is for and
what are its ratings. The front panel states '16 Vdc' and there is no
current listed, while back side indicates 'Max watts: 29W', what must be
input power.

The unit is a plastic enclosed, with some heavy metal inside as heat sink,
footprint is approximately 8" X 4" and it stands 3" tall. On the back side
there is an IEC entry block and front contains power switch and two
circular, plastic, 12 pin connectors, made by Swiss W.W.Fisher, not Mr.
Fisher of Graham Green's fame. On inside, parts bear 1978/79 date codes and
the unit appears to be a strange contraption. There is a line transformer,
but there is something that looks like switching supply and a number of
power transistors, mostly TIP29, which are not the fastest guns for a
switcher. There are also two bridge rectifiers, with acompanying
electrolytics and a sizable, heat sunk catch diode. In addition, there is a
lot of heat management stuff, quite uncharacteristic for Tektronix, where
designers seemed to prefer stewing parts in their own juice.

Any information would be appriciated.


Miroslav Pokorni

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