Re: ESR meters?

Tom Miller <tmiller@...>

I have the Blue meter and like it. I work on a lot of scopes so find it useful. It only
took about two hours to build it and I put some good leads on it instead of the
ones that came with it.
The best way to measure ESR is in circuit and with a scope. Just look at the ripple
and check the specs.
But that doesn't help you until you get your scope working :(.

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Subject: [TekScopes] ESR meters?


Hello all,

I'm looking to get an ESR meter to help diagnose my broken 2235.  I want something thats not going to break the bank, so I have these two kits in mind:

Blue Meter
LCFesR 3.06

Does anyone have any experience with either of these kits, good or bad?


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