Re: .... How do you manage getting THAT kind of a screen burn?


Don, this is a little OT, but Tektronix had a mod kit (p/n: 040-0159-00) that is easy to install and limits how bright you can set inten control. I have added one to my 545B and others,... saves nicely from burns. Chuck

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I guess it stood ready and waiting for the call to duty for many hours.
Back in the late sixties at the university I worked at in the AVA
department we got sent a vidicon tube and asked to fix it. This was when
lasers were the new toy and the physics department had been
experimenting with them. obviously they had used the vidicon to observe
the laser beam, either directly or through some optics and it had nicely
evaporated the photo surface off the faceplate with a 2:1 Lissajous
figure. You didn't have to operate it, the burn was clearly visible just
by looking at the tube. It makes this burn look like a mosquito bite.
We just said "sorry" and gave it back to them.

Don Black.

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