Re: .... How do you manage getting THAT kind of a screen burn?

Brad Thompson <brad.thompson@...>

On 5/19/2011 9:19 PM, Albert LaFrance wrote:
The worst screen burns I ever saw were on IBM �green screen� CRT
terminals (3270-series) used as operator�s consoles on mainframe
computer systems back in the 1980s. Portions of those tubes sometimes
displayed text that would remain unchanged, sometimes 24/7, for years on
end. And they were usually running at high brightness due to the
lighting levels in the computer room.

IIRC, the pumpkin-orange phosphor used in some monochrome CRT displays
circa 1975-1980 was also extremely susceptible to screen burns.

Which brings to mind another anecdote: I worked for a company that
built industrial controllers and automated-visual inspection
systems that included small CRT displays manufactured by Ball Bros.

As a cost-reduction measure, someone in Purchasing bought some
Chinese-made displays that were inferior and would have led
to order cancellations, had we not replaced them with the
original displays.

I pointed out that it was the first known instance of the
Balls having someone by the customers. My manager was
Not Amused...<g>.


Brad AA1IP

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