Re: No 18 Kv on anode of 485


kbernacky wrote:
What a great group, have read the mail for years, now you guys have motivated me to repair my 485. Has no 18 kv on crt anode, the hv xmfr is ok as I have the -3 kv on the crt cathode. I suspect the voltage multiplier has died. Am going to remove the transformer board in a few minutes (eating lunch right now) and was wondering if someone has travelled this path before, what should I be watching out for? Tek sure made it difficult to get to where the voltage mutliplier is. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Ken Bernacky, WA1QJF
President, Stereo Surgeons, Inc.
I had a leaky (~5K ohm) capacitor in my 485 high voltage section.
Try measuring across the HV caps with your ohm meter - maybe it'll
be that simple.


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