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Stan or Patricia Griffiths <w7ni@...>

I would be careful not to copy any Tektronix copyrighted material
without their written permission. When I wrote my book, I got official
written permission from Tektronix to use pictures from their old
catalogs in my book. Since their old catalogs are copyrighted, official
written permission is required.

It is true that there are individuals and companies who have been
copying Tek copyrighted material for years and getting away with it but
it is definitely not legal. On a few special occasions in the past, I
believe Tek has given permission to the U.S. Military to copy parts of
certain specific manuals, but I don't believe they have given permission
to any individual or company to ever copy entire manuals, catalogs, or
other technical materials that Tek produces.

I have also heard that some individuals have asked permission from Tek
to copy some of their Concept Books and they have been specifcally
denied permission to do the copies. Tek has shown more interest
recently in illegal copies of their stuff. I just wouldn't do it
without Tek's permission if I were you . . . and I would not accept
permission from the local Sales Office either. Real permission must
come from the Tektronix Legal Department in Beaverton, OR.


Michael Dunn wrote:

At 2:52 PM +0200 2000/10/08, stgraef wrote:
At the moment he scanned some of
his and mine Tek catalogs, and I will convert them to pdf files.
If the stuff is available on CD-ROM we'll let you know.
I can burn CDs (and scan pages). I may also have access to some
old catalogs. I'll check...

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