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I've heard the same thing about eBay. I have also had very good experiences buying stuff from eBay.
The prices are cheap enough that if I end up with a parts unit, so be it. Everything I have bought so far has been repairable except for 1 434 that I bought specifically as a parts unit. I've bought a fair amount of F and H coded equipment and have found some of it needing very minor repairs. This is not for the person expecting to buy a working instrument. My expectations are more realistic, I assume that the govt. is dumping it for a reason. I might it a point to not overbid also. I avoid bidding wars.

I enjoy component level troubleshooting and have yet to replace a part that costs more than $5.00. And you right, the codes really don't mean anything.

Freightpro uses local contract people at each site. Some are really good and some are really bad. If you can't pick it up yourself, you may be better off not buying items from certain sites where the local packer is not very good. Some of the packers have been exceptional. You can also specify the type and quality of the packaging to some degree.

You might be right about their ownership. It is awfully cozy.

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> Hi All,
> Just got a 465B/DM44, a 323 and a TM503 for $161.00 from Govt.
> Liquidators....snip....

I know people love to bash ebay, but I must say that I have had
nothing but good experiences buying & selling stuff on the 'bay.

I cannot say the same for Govt (wallet) Liquidators. I have had
nothing but bad experiences, & won't buy anything thru them again.
What I don't understand is that most of the test equipment sold by
them in my local area (so Cal) gets higher pricing than the same
stuff sold on Ebay, even the totally trashed & garbage stuff. Who's
buying this stuff & what are they doing with it? Can't be planning
to resell it on Ebay.

Here's some of my takeaways...

1. Don't ever trust the condition codes. A4 only meant the inspector
at the time it was put into storage deemed it in perfect working
order. It could be totally trashed & non-working by the time it ends
up in your hands. Codes B thru D generally mean it works, but you
cannot be sure. F7 should mean it doesn't work, needs repair, but is
often given to working stuff that they just wanted to get rid of. H7
generally means it is total sh*t, beware...

2. Always inspect the stuff onsite, make sure the serial no's are
correct, and insist on plugging it in for a test drive if it states
an A thru F condition.

3. Never rely on the pictures. Buying long distance & having
FreightPro ship it is asking for disaster. If you do this, assume
you are buying totally non-working junk that will arrive bashed & pay
accordingly. (see previous posters experience)

4. If you buy a pallet load of stuff, take pictures during your
inspection & record serial numbers. Give your sheet of serial no's
to onsite rep following your inspection & have him sign it. Prepare
to pick up immediately after buying ends. Stuff mysteriously migrates
from pallet to pallet during the inspection process. Be prepared to
argue with the local rep to no avail. Find out you have little
recourse at all.

That whole FreightPro thing is a total racket. Must be owned by the
brother-in-law of the Gov Liq owner........

rant off.....


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