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The 465M is a military model and different from the 465 it is not the correct manual. Probes that should work fine with it are the 6105 and/or 6108. I am sure that there are others as well.

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From: David
Sent: Friday, December 12, 2003 2:29 PM
Subject: [TekScopes] 465 Novice question

I just purchased a 465 from a surplus dealer in my area for $99, also a scope-
mobile for $9. I have a very basic question that i hope someone might answer:
What probe is best for my 465? I am going to be using this Osilloscope for
calibrating the oscillators of my colloection of analog synthesizers (musical
instruments). Also, i have downloaded scans of a 465m tech that
the same tech manual for my 465(not "m")? I have heard that a passive 10x
probe would be right for the job, but i am learning from the ground up...i have
never even used an oscilloscope before, my repair guy is going out of
business and i need to learn.

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