Re: TM504 repair progress


Bob –

Good news!

On the output voltage, make sure you tweak the “fine” adjustment knob. That has about 1 volt of range, so if you twist it to the right it may put you over 20V.

I assume you have a manual, so you can find the adjustments if you need to?

I use a TM501 with the outside cover removed to work on these things, since I don’t have an extender.



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Dennis et all.

Thanks. Today I removed the unneeded custom interconnections. I also did a basic test of the PS503A, looking for shorted caps etc. All looked good.


Sooo, with a deep breath, I plugged in the PS and turned on the TM504. Nothing smoked. Looking the the PS503A outputs with my DMM (no load). It mostly worked! Max volts was 'only' 19.5, but that could be a warm-up calibration adjustment. One main issue is the current controls are like molasses. I am out of Isopropyl at the moment, but overall it looks very promising.


Side note: part of the reason I am so interested is this is my first 'real' power supply. I have been using wall warts with resister voltage dividers. They work OK for simple stuff,

but a real PS and a TEK at that - Uh Huh.




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