Re: Opamp arithmetic circuits

Paul Amaranth

A while back I ran across a story/link on one of the the first computer games built
with an analog computer. The game, Tennis for Two, used a scope as a vidoe output
device and was done at Brookhaven. I believe one of the labs, maybe Brookhaven, has
managed to scrounge more or less original parts to recreate the device in somewhat
its original form.

Here's a wikipedia link to that:

On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 08:37:08PM +0000, Ken Wright wrote:
I can remember in the early 70's using op-amps the build analogue computers and
using them to analyse the response of mechanical springs and tuned circuits. It
involved mathematical modelling the device in the S plane then building
integrators and differentiators using op-amps, also a vast amount of scaling

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